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The Pierce County Council funded the Pierce County Historic Preservation Grant Program through the 2008 annual budget appropriation of $200,000.  The County Council directed the County Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission to make recommendations on funding and monitoring projects and programs that receive funding from the County‚Äôs one dollar portion of the five dollar per instrument surcharge charged by the Auditor for each document recorded under provisions of RCW 36.22.170 (1)(a). 

One of the many projects funded included a Countywide Historic Document Survey.  The Pierce County Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission (Commission) consulted with Historical Research Associates, Inc. (HRA) to conduct a countywide document survey and create a centralized database of repositories with document holdings related to Pierce County.

The primary goal was to catalogue significant historic documents and records in a variety of media, including, but not limited to, photographs; commercial, public, government, and institutional records; maps, surveys, and plats; birth and death records; scrapbooks; newspaper clippings; magazine articles; notebooks; diaries; correspondence; family reminiscences; oral history recordings and transcripts; architectural drawings; and more.  The document survey was focused on unincorporated Pierce County and cities that do not have historic preservation programs.

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